I accept contemporary, fantasy, horror, and some sci-fi in pretty much all categories. Here is what I am specifically looking for:

In Young Adult:

  • Fun historicals! Like A LADY’S GUIDE TO PETTICOATS & PIRACY. 
  • Bring back the classics, but with a modern twist. I’d love to see new takes on classics, like ANNE WITH AN E does with ANNE OF GREEN GABLES.
  • Shakespearian retellings in all settings! Historical, fantasy, contemporary, sci-fi. Give it to me!
  • Stories about 14 and 15-year-olds!
  • Gothics! All of them. 
  • Polyamorous romances.
  • Thrillers or mysteries in YA.
  • Horror. 
  • Magical realism or contemporary fantasy. 
  • Platonic love stories.
  • Graphic novels in anything above!

In Middle Grade:

  • A story revolving around puzzles, riddles, or games. Extra points for adding a sphinx. 
  • Kids going on adventures in their hometown. Modern takes on Sandlot and the Goonies!
  • Gothics! All of them. 
  • Magical realism or contemporary fantasy. 
  • Graphic novels in anything above!

In Genre Fiction:

  • Contemporary romances like RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE! Smart, sassy, and high concept. 
  • Gay holiday romances!
  • Romantic Comedies, but with a new twist or perspective. Example: diverse backgrounds, gender-bending, or a retelling of Shakespeare/fairytales/myths. 
  • Polyamorous romances.
  • Fantasy with a literary bent. 
  • The Gothics. 
  • Magical realism or contemporary fantasy. 
  • Historicals with LGBTQ+ characters.

In Non-fiction:

  • Tarot proposals.
  • MG spirituality, STEM, LGBTQ+ proposals.

Some really random and more specific requests:

  • Anything comp’ed to an anime. 
  • Enemies to lovers all day long.
  • Witches, tarot, astrology in everything.
  • Anything with a sphinx in it (I’m obsessed).
  • Underrepresented #ownvoice’s in everything. 
  • I want all the LGBTQ+ stories.
  • LGBTQ+ graphic novels!
  • Anything comp’d to Killing Eve.
  • Queer Eye YA (graphic novel maybe?)
  • Badass girls with cinnamon roll boys.
  • Gender-bent retellings. 
  • Body diversity!
  • Something with a similar feel to Tokyo Ghoul would be awesome.
  • Anything comp’d to Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki.
  • Make me cry.

I’m not looking for:

  • Anything set in space or has aliens.
  • High fantasy.
  • Political/military/crime thriller novels (especially in adult categories).
  • Men in uniform (women/nonbinary I will consider).
  • Westerns.
  • Time travel.
  • Picture books and chapter books (unless you are an illustrator).
  • Non-fiction (unless it’s middle grate or a tarot card proposal).
  • Romances with infidelity.
  • Memoirs.
  • Novellas, short story collections, poetry collections, or screenplays